About the firm

Sustainable Financial Planning, LLC ("SFP") is an Ohio Registered Investment Advisor, based in Cincinnati. SFP provides financial planning and investment advice on a fee-only basis. Fees for our services are simply based on level of effort and quoted in advance on a fixed price basis;  we do not charge based on a percentage of your net worth or push an ongoing monthly retainer. Clients pay for the help they want, when they need it.

As an independent fee-only firm, SFP accepts no commissions or compensation from any third-parties, rather we work solely on behalf of our clients. We've been fiduciaries since day one. Our independence and plan-first mindset allows us to work with clients to find the best solutions; we're not beholden to any one firm's list of preferred products or solutions. 

Many people find financial decisions daunting, we help clients assess their situation, demystify their options and navigate a course toward their goals, attaining peace of mind along the way. 

About Brian Mahany, CFP®

Brian Mahany is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and the founder of Sustainable Financial Planning, LLC.

Brian is a proud member of The Garrett Planning Network, an international network of fee-only financial advisors. Garrett members share best practices as well as a dedication to providing independent, objective financial advice to people from all walks of life. 

Building on a lifelong interest in economics and investing, Brian completed Boston University’s Financial Planning Certificate Program in 2008 in preparation for a second career.

Prior to launching SFP, Brian spent over 15 years managing a pair of closely-held Chicago-based boutique consulting firms providing strategic technology planning to a global client base. He honed his analytical and communication skills on dozens of large scale IT projects.

In his early years after graduating from Cornell College with a BA in Economics, Brian spent time hiking the Northern Rocky Mountains while working and living in Yellowstone National Park, worked in the kitchen at the summer home of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and dabbled in philosophy studies at the University of Chicago’s Graham School.

Born in Chicago, Brian hails from a long line of Cincinnatians. Brian enjoys time in the wilderness, long walks, sturdy bikes, performances at Music Hall, and a host of other activities with his wife, Michelle. Well read, Brian finishes a book each week atop all his regular daily reading.

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